Department of Humanities & Social Science

Research areas

Economics: Applied Econometrics, Banking & Finance, Economic Impacts of Climate Change, Corporate Investment, Environment Economics, Economic Policy, Energy Economics, International Business, International Finance, International Trade Industrial Economics, Monetary Economics, Open Economy Macro Economics, Technology Transfer & Competitiveness.

English: Linguistics : Theoretical Linguistics, Language Acquistion and Language Learning, Theatre and Performance Studies, Literature Studies : Theatre Historiography, Performance Philosophy, Adaptation Studies, Aesthetics (Comparative Aesthetics, Aesthetics and Politics), Genre Studies, Study of the Novel, Modern Critical Theory, Intertextuality.

Philosophy: Continental Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Meta­Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of AI.

Sociology: Political Sociology, Science, Technology and Society, Sociology of Development, Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Sociology of Religion and Kinship, Urban Studies, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, Sociology of Caste and Social Stratification, Gender Studies, Sociological Theory, Rural and Urban Planning, Sociology of Contemporary India, Law and Governance, Risk and Vulnerability.

Psychology: Industrial Organisation Psychology, Cognitive Psychology/ Science/ Neuroscience/ Clinical Research.

Indian Science and Technology in Sanskrit (CISTS): Sanskrit language, Paninian grammar, Philosophy of language, Aesthetics, Astronomy (Jyotisha), Mathematics (Ganita), Logic (Nyaya­ sastra), Meta­physics.