Department of Electrical Engineering

Research areas

Communication Engineering (EE1)

  • Communication Systems
  • Communication Networks and Internet
  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Microwaves, RF and Antennas
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Optical Communication and Photonics
  • Signal Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication
  • Information Theory and Coding
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Control and Computing (EE2)

  • Linear Systems Theory
  • Optimal Control and Optimization
  • Modeling and Identification of Dynamical Systems
  • Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
  • Nonlinear Systems
  • Modern Filter and Network Theory
  • Behavioral Systems Theory
  • Computational Methods in Electrical Engineering
  • Software and System Reliability
  • Cryptography and Security
  • GPU­based Computing

Power Electronics and Power Systems (EE3)

  • FACTS, HVDC and Power Quality
  • Distributed Generation
  • Power System Restructuring
  • Wide Area Measurements and System Protection
  • EMI / EMC
  • Coupled Field Computations
  • Electrical Machines: Modeling, Analysis, Design and Control
  • Special Machines
  • Power Electronic Converters, Electric Drives
  • Power Electronics for Non­conventional Energy Sources
  • Reliability in Power Systems and Power Electronic Systems
  • Smart Grids for Energy Harvesting

Microelectronics (EE4)

  • Devices and IC Technology
  • Reliability of Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Device Simulation and Modeling
  • VLSI and System Hardware Design
  • CAD Tools
  • MEMS Design and Technology (including Bio­MEMS)
  • Flash Memory Devices
  • Organic Semiconductor Devices
  • CMOS Devices
  • Spintronic Devices
  • Photovoltaic Devices
  • Material Growth and Characterization

Electronic Systems (EE5)

  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Signal Processing Applications
  • Speech and Audio Processing
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Embedded System Design