Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering

Research areas

Biosciences (BS) - 

  • Biophysics and Computational Biology: Bioinformatics, Glycobiology, Computational Biology, Protein crystallography, NMR based structural Biology, Physics of Biological system and Computational Modeling of bio­molecules, Dynamics of cytoskeletal filaments and Chromatin remodelling, physical properties of the extracellular matrix, protein folding/mis­folding, aggregation and neuro­degeneration.
  • Biochemistry: Enzyme kinetics and enzyme secretion, microbial metabolism and regulation, aromatic hydrocarbon metabolism and genetic engineering, enzyme inhibitor design, molecular mechanisms of DNA replication, repair and packaging in double­stranded DNA viruses, Molecular Enzymology.
  • Microbial Biology: Fungi, Viral assemblies, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Host­Pathogen Interactions, molecular parasitology.
  • Cell Biology: Cellular Biophysics, micro­tubule dynamics, bacterial cell division, Chromosomal and extra chromosomal segregation in fungi, Neurobiology.
  • Immunology: Molecular immunology and cell signaling, Cellular Immunity, Tumor Immunology, Cancer biomarker.
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology: Functional Genomics, Epigenetic Regulation, Fungal Molecular Genetics.
  • Proteomics, System Biology and Biomarkers of infectious diseases.

Biomedical Engineering (BME) -

  • Sensors and Devices: Bioinstrumentation for diagnostics and therapeutics, early detection of carcinoma and tropical diseases, bioMEMS devices, Fluorescent Biosensors, Nanoengineered Sensors, Layer­by­Layer Self­Assembly, Microfluidics for biomedical applications.
  • Biomaterials, Drug delivery and tissue engineering: Nano­biotechnology, Design of scaffolds for tissue engineering, Controlled Release technologies, Neuroprosthetic devices including aids for the handicapped, Signal processing, Telemedicine and knowledge based systems. Microfibrication for immunotherapy.
  • Computational physiology: Cardiac electrophysiology and muscle mechanics, Computational Neurophysiology.
  • Movement Neuroscience, Rehabilitation technology
  • Medical Optics – Optical tomography, Blood flow measurements, Computational Imaging