Department of Aerospace Engineering

Research areas

Aerodynamics: Experimental Aerodynamics, Experimental Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, Shock Waves and their applications, computational Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, computational Electromagnetic, Vortex and particle methods, vortex flows, Aero­acoustics, Aircraft Design, Air Transportation, Turbulence modeling and applications, Computational studies of scramjet intakes, Supersonic mixing, Computation of high enthalpy flows, plasma assisted flow control, Thermoacoustics, Morphing Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Lighter­Than  Air Systems.

Dynamics and Control: Flight mechanics, guidance, trajectory optimization, navigation, state and parameter estimation, tracking and control of launch vehicle , missiles, aircraft, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, mini aerial vehicles(MAVs), satellites, multi­agent systems, nonlinear adaptive and robust flight control, integrated navigation systems, air­breathing and gas turbine engine control, swarm, path planning and formation flying of aerial vehicles, hardware–in­loop­simulation, co­operative missions for MAVs.

Aerospace Propulsion: Aircraft and spacecraft Propulsion, Experimental and numerical studies on detonations, Combustion instabilities, Development of new techniques for emission reduction from combustion systems, Heat Transfer, Infrared Signatures of Aerospace Vehicles, Micro­Channel cooling of Gas Turbine Blades.CFD of propulsive systems, Aerodynamic design and performance analysis of axial flow turbomachines, Flow control of turbomachines and internal duct flows, Computational Hypersonic aerothermodynamics, Turbulence modeling and applications, Computational studies of scramjet engines, Supersonic mixing and combustion, Computational studies of high enthalpy flows, Plasma assisted combustion and flow control,Thermoacoustics, Non­ Equilibrium, Thermodynamic of Dissipative Structures, Entropy Generation Studies in Micro­Flows, Fuel atomization and sprays, Optical diagnostics of combustion systems.

Aerospace Structures: Structural Health Monitoring, wave Propagation, Aeroelasticity, Aeroservoelasticity, Structural Dynamics & Stability, Multidisciplinary Optimization, Mechanics of Materials (Metals, Metallic Alloys and Composites), Fracture and Fatigue in material.