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IIT Bombay offers intellectual property available as patents / patent applications / Knowhow, based on its research and development efforts, for licensing to interested parties in various areas.

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Sr no. Name of Technology Faculty
401 A 4-14 Gbps Inductor-Less Adaptive Linear Equalizer in 65nm CMOS Technology
402 A chimeric cetuximab-functionalized corona as a potent delivery system for microtubule-destabilizing nanocomplexes to hepatocellular carcinoma cells
403 A design method for low-power low-noise biomedical signal conditioning circuit with extracted noise and mismatch parameters
404 A device for mesurement of properties of a body part
405 A electronic device that mimics a biological neuron and its fabrication
406 A laparoscopic device for retracting organ/tissue during surgery
408 A laparoscopic surgical instrument with an ergonomically functional handle
409 A matrix update method for Admittance matrix formation in Real-time Simulation of Power Electronics
410 A method for reducing power and area in multi-bit pseudo-random binary sequence generator
411 A method for the formation of vapor phase Self Assembled monolayer of a non-volatile material at low temperature
412 A new apparatus to characterize and quantify the spalling behavior of coal related to Underground Coal Gasification process
413 A Novel Delay Element and High-Speed Pulse-Based Flip-Flop
414 A novel piezoresitive cantilever device for biosensing using silicon nitride and SU8 as anchor
415 A Novel Process for the Syntheses of High Molecular Weight Polymers based on 3,4-dioxythiophenes via Direct C-H Arylation Type Reductive Polymerization
416 A Novel Robust Signaling Scheme for High-Speed Low-Power Communication over Long Wires
417 A portable microscope
418 A Process For Synthesis Of Methyl Ketones By Wacker Type Oxidation Reaction
419 A selector-less RRAM
420 A surgical instrument with multiple degrees of freedom
421 A system and method for detecting and locating a fault and controlling the tripping of a backup relay in a power transmission network using phasor measurement units
422 A T-Type NPC Based Flying capacitor/Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
423 An Anchor
424 An Apparatus for Converting Rotary Motion to Reciprocating Motion and Reciprocating Motion to Rotary Motion
425 An apparatus for measuring cosmic ray flux in a radiosonde telemetry system, and a method thereof
426 An automated needle holder and suturing device
427 Apparatus and method for measuring moisture content in medium using Time Domain Reflectometry
428 Apparatus For Efficient Heat Capture
429 Autoantibody Profiling of Gliomas to Identify Biomarkers Using Human Proteome Arrays
430 Bitumen Coated Bamboo cell (BCBC)
431 Clock Alignment and Deserializer Circuit Employing Samplers and Decision Feedback Equalization
432 Continuous flow process for the syntheses of polyaniline and polypyrrole nanofibers
433 Continuous Flow Selective Bromination of Organic Compounds
434 Current-mode voltage reference with low sensitivity to process,supply voltage and temperature variations
435 Degradable or transformable gold coated liposomal nano-construct and a process for its preparation
436 Design and Development of a Gearless Spherical Robot
437 Design of ankle foot orthosis
438 Design of CMOS Analog and Digital circuits for Personal Health care Applications
439 Development of Graphene Nanoplatelet embedded Polymer Microcantilever for vapour phase explosive detection applications
440 Direct (Hetero)Arylation Reaction and Polymerization
441 Elimination of Support Mechanism in Additive Manufacturing through Five Axis Deposition
442 Enhanced photostability, extended range UVA filtering and camouflaging potential of avobenzone-defect rich ZnO nanocrystals complex
443 Free method for detection and quantification of protein biomarkers
444 Gearbox for Tilt Rotor Coaxial Helicopter with Differential Speed for Yaw Contro
445 Hg2 sensing by a glyco-conjugate even in blood serum and by silica gel strips
446 Hot Axle Detection System (HADS)
447 Hybrid H-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter
448 Intellectual Property Management System Tool (IPMS tool)
449 Liponions as a multi-colour fluorescent biolabelling probe
450 Low cost vein detector
451 MEMS based wideband (UV-Vis& IR) polymer photdetector for photocnductivity and pyroelectric measurements
452 Method and Apparatus for electronic nose system for explosive sensor application.
453 Method and System for Soil Classification
454 Method and system of synthesizing a target material using an ultra fast laser ablation technique
455 Method for frictionless precision guidance using flexible links in vertical plane
456 Method for hydroxylation of graphene
457 Method of capturing a full 360 degree view using panoramic imaging systems
458 Method Of Processing Co-Zn Ferrite Bilayers To Achieve High Magnetization
459 Method of synthesis of monodispersed graphene quantum dots
460 Methodology for improved machinability of slender tube components of Ti alloy
461 Methodology of improving formability in planar anisotropic sheets
462 Multi- use biopsy device
463 Multi-channel signal conditioning readout circuit for resistive and capacitive sensors
464 Nano-in-micro formulation as biosensors
465 Near infra-red active hybrid nanomaterials and graphene oxide for theranostic application
466 New process for reduction of graphene oxide
467 New Process to Convert Heterogeneous Kumada Type Couplings based on Nickel (II) Catalysts to Homogeneous Reactions
468 Next generation distributed cellular networks IP architecture
469 Novel cell secretomes for wound healing
470 Optical fiber Sensors using Polyaniline
471 Oscillator based soil moisture measurement System
472 Panel Heat Exchanger
473 Paper package for fragile/ brittle products
474 Photo-disintegrable, near-infra red responsive gold coated poly-(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanostructures and a process for its preparation
475 Process for The Preparation of Cephalosporolides E And F
476 Proposal and design of a nano-oscillator based on magnetic domain wall motion
477 Realization of the composite injection moulds with conformal cooling channels through Hybrid Layered Manufacturing
478 Regioregular Conjugated Copolymers Based on 3-fluorothieno[3,4-b]thiophene
479 Scalable ultra dense hypergraph network for data centers
480 Segmented Object Manufacturing
481 Selectively Modulated Aesthetic Reflector Technology (SMART)-Coatings for coloured aesthetic photovoltaic modules
482 Soil Moisture Sensor Based on Electrochemically Synthesized Graphene Quantum Dots
483 Stacked Multi-cell NPC Multilevel Inverter
484 Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnTe4 material via ball milling for solar PV applications
485 Synthesis of Higher Grade Fly Ash Zeolite X from Fly Ash by Three Step Fusion
486 Template assembly
487 Template-assisted method of selective functionalization of remotely located para-c-h bond comprised on arene
488 Total cavopulmonary connection flow enhancer and energy saver
489 Underground communication system
490 Use of Hydrogels for thermoplastic (COC) molding" 3,4-dioxythiophenes via Direct C-H Arylation Type Reductive Polymerization
491 Wind Augmentation and Air Purifying Unit