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Energy & Environmental

Sr no. Name of Technology Faculty
301 Process for energy efficient conditioning of air using liquid dessicant
302 Process for preparing polyarylated boron-dipyrromethenes
303 Process for synthesis of TB Doped ZnO Nanoparticles for total control over the UV to green luminiscence (GL) intensity ration and the tunability of UV luminiscence (UVL)
304 Process for the preparation of monodisperse nanostructures
305 Process for the production of lactic acid from Aspergillus
306 Production of highly polar pvdf films for electrical applications
307 Reactor for reductive conversion reactions using palladized bacterial cellulose.
308 Receiver for Coherent Optical Transport Systems based on Analog Signal Processing
309 Refrigeration cum water heating system
310 Reinforced industrial type woven fabric
311 Remote configuration and control of a panic button
312 Resonant Pulse Based Exact Maximum Power Point Tracking of mismatched Modules in PV Strings using Current Equalization
313 Reticulated vitreous carbon controlled pore size and enhanced electrical conductivity
315 Rod Cutter
316 Schottky junctionDiode based thermal neutron detectorspectroscopic technique
317 Selector device for bipolar RRAM
318 Self biased high efficiency fully differential RF rectifier
319 Self-controlled Power Managment System
320 Si doped GaN films deposited by co-sputtering of GaAs and Si
321 Simultaneous Dry Blanching and Drying of Button Mushroom using Microwave Enhanced Hot Air Heating System
322 Single event soft error (SE) tolerant latch
323 Single layer microfluidic device for three dimensional hydrodynamic focusing of a sample fluid using a sheath fluid and method of fabricating the same
324 Single pass process for syntheszzing sub-100 Nanometer liposome from packed bed of colloidal particles
325 Single-stage closed cycle Joule-Thomson cryocooler and mixed gas refrigerant therefor
326 Slicing of silicon wafers for PV applications using Wire Electric Discharge Machining (Wire-EDM)
327 Solar Air Heater
328 Solar fluid heater
329 Solar PV Kits
330 Solvent Free Solid State Oxidative Polymerization for the synthesis of conjugated polymers
331 Stereospecific Synthesis of Nitro Olefin
332 Sterling coolers
333 Stirling engine and a method for optimizing efficiency thereof
334 Stylus based device for text and command input
335 Sun tracking mechanism with automated cleaning arrangement
337 Switchable heat pipe
338 Synthesis of N2-Furfuryl Deoxyguanosine Phosphoramidite and Modified Oligonucleotides
339 System and Method for a Volume Flow Rate Measurement of a Fluid
340 System and method for supplying adequate Power during energy imbalance
341 System and Methods for Point of Care Detection and Amplification of Nucleic acid
342 Targeted and Triggered Chitosan lipid core shell nanoparticles for combination chemotherapy
343 Tensile structure reinforcement for vehicle bodies
344 Text input device for Indic languages
345 Thermochromic photovoltaic material and device
346 Three dimensional Ka-band Lens-antenna using Microstereolithography process
347 Towards the development of an impedimetric biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticles for early detection of cervical cancer
348 Trade Raid
349 Transformer-less grid connected inverter with two separate PV arrays while minimizing leakage current
350 Transport Router
351 TREEFP: A TDMA-based Reliable and Energy Efficient Flooding Protocol for WSNs
352 Tube - Tube Heat Exchanger
353 Tunable distributed harmonic voltage controlled oscillator for generating second and third harmonic microwave signals
354 Tunable Reference Voltage Generating Circuit And Method Therefor
355 Two-body solar powered Lighter-than-air platform for optimized solar power generation under dynamic conditions
356 Ultra - Portable Micro - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Testing Setup
357 Ultra-low Power Charge Balancing and Low Noise Stimulator using Adiabatic and Self-clocking techniques
358 Use of Hydrogels for thermoplastic (COC) molding; 3,4-dioxythiophenes via Direct C-H Arylation Type Reductive Polymerization
359 Vapour absorption refrigeration system including a metal hydride chamber to maintain evaporator inlet temperature
360 Vapour absorption refrigeration system to equalize liquid volume in titling position
361 Vehicle body construction with Modular sandwich panels
362 Versatile flow field design for fuel cells
363 Visual Storyboard Construction from Scripts and Subtitles
364 Voltage Profile Based Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator with Artifact Suppressor
365 Vortex Cross Correlation Flowmeter
366 Wall mounted speed regulator for a BLDC motor driven ceiling fan
367 Waste Heat Recovery Based Clothes Dryer
368 Wharve assembly for a jute spinning machine
369 Wide range Mixer in 0.18 um technology
370 Wide-field goniometer for spectroscopic measurement of albedo in laboratory and field
371 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) discovery using non-WLAN network assistance
372 World Fun
373 Yaw Rate Control in Motor Vehicles
374 A process for the synthesis of α-Trifluoromethyl Ketones by trifluoromethylation of olefins
375 Filter Adsorbent
376 A customizable wire electric discharge machine
377 A hybrid perovskite material and a thermochromic photovoltaic cell utilizing the hybrid perovskite material
378 A multilayer PCB and a method for current density measurement in a fuel cell | Prof P C Ghosh,Gaikwad Shrihari Dadarao,Tapobrata Dey and Debanand Singdeo
379 A novel easel design
380 A Test Setup for Determining Frozen Soil Shear-strength (DetFroSS)
381 A two body zero-contoured lighter than air platform for Optimized solar power generation
382 An electrical supply scheme for Multi-wire EDM
383 An electrical supply scheme with time interleaving Multi-wire EDM
384 Engineered cell derived matrices for stem cell differentiation
385 Gel precipitation as scalable, inexpensive technique for synthesis of sub-micron mesoporous powders of mixed oxides and other ceramics for lithium ion battery applications
386 High strength and toughness low carbon nanostructured bainitic steel and preparation method thereof
387 Method for balancing voltage in a hybrid modular multilevel converter (MMC)
388 Multi-Station Multi-Axis - Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (MSMA-HLM)
389 Nasopharyngeal swab host proteome analysis of COVID-19 patients for severity prognosis
390 Neuraminidase treatment for faster diabetic wound healing
391 Poly (N-VINYLCAPROLACTAM) Based Thermoresponsive on Demand Transdermal/Topical Drug Delivery System
392 Rechargeable Metal Air Batteries
393 Sand 3D Printer (Sand3DP)
394 SARS-CoV-2 peptide detection from nasopharyngeal swab of COVID-19 Indian patients using a simplified mass spectrometry-based proteomics approach
395 Segmented Object Manufacturing (Foam 3D Printer)
396 Shoe sole design to minimize stress injury at knee for runners
399 Controlled spontaneous three dimensional fabrication of micro/meso structures
400 Perovskite solar cell including inorganic oxide electron transport material deposited on perovskite absorber layer