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IIT Bombay offers intellectual property available as patents / patent applications / Knowhow, based on its research and development efforts, for licensing to interested parties in various areas.

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Other Technologies

Sr no. Name of Technology Faculty
201 Game set - PugPloy
202 Game set - UltiPolity
203 Gan based schottky diode fo rread/write memory and the method of forming Gd Schottky contact
204 Glucose Based Naphthyl Imino Conjugate of Formula I
205 Glucose mediated facile synthesis of well dispersed gold nanoshells
206 Gram Scale Synthesis of Carbon Nano-Onions from Natural Oils and Uses Thereof
207 Haptic Based Virtual Snooker Game
208 Head mounted device for semantic representation of the user surroundings
209 Heat and Mass Exchanger
210 Heat exchanger
211 Heat Exchanger with Solid Deposition for Enhanced Performance
212 Heat Pipe based Solar Collector
213 High dielectric constant PVDF films with polar additives at elevated temperatures
214 High Gain Wideband FPC Antenna
215 Hybrid cooling system
216 Hysteretic controlled DC-DC buck converter with 2.8V to 4.2V battery supply for portable applications in 90nm CMOS
217 Influence of Initial Water Content and Specimen Thickness on the SWCC of Fine-grained Soils
218 Intellectual Property Management System Tool (IPMS tool)
219 Interference Management in Heterogeneous Networks by Resource Block Prioritization
220 Inverted switched reluctance motor as hub drive for electric vehicle
221 Kaipo 6
222 Lab-on-a-chip beam-splitter for bio-sensing application
223 Label free detection of analytes
224 Layer by Layer self assembled magnetic PLGA-CHITOSAN nanoparticles for dual drug delivery and hyperthermia applications)
225 Lighter Than Air Platform For Optimized Solar Power Generation
226 Lipopolymeric nanocapsules for drug delivery
227 Lipoxygenase inactivated and sterilised legumes and cereal products
228 Low power analog FM transceiver for Bio-Telemetry Applications
229 Low Speed High Diffusion Axial Fan/Compressor Rotor Blade design with computer generated airfoils in to a blended blade shape
230 Magical Pyramid
231 Malonic acid based monomers and polymers
232 Mechanical System for multi level farming
233 Mechanism for producing woven (interlaced) and noobed (non-interlaced) three dimensional fabrics
234 Metal Ion Driven Conjugate of Calix[4]arene for Multiple Sensing of Amino Acids
235 Method and Apparatus for a Novel Hybrid Solar PV-Wind Integration System with Optimal Number of Power Converters and Inherent System Stability
236 Method and Apparatus for Dynamic Range Compression with Low Distortion for Use in Hearing Aids and Audio Systems
237 Method and apparatus for improving clock rates in high speed circuits using feedback based flip-flops
238 Method and apparatus for the encoding and decoding of speech at bit rates below 2kbps
239 Method and device for forming an electrical contact pattern on a solar cell
240 Method and device for generating laser beam of variable intensity distribution and variable spot size
241 Method and injector for controlling gas flow in a duct
242 Method and system for A Multiport Modular Grid tied PV Solar Inverter
243 Method and system for detection and characterization of delamination in PV modules
244 Method and system for detection and characterization of delamination in PV modules
245 Method and system for the remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and wastes
246 Method for bacterial reduction of graphene oxide
247 Method for calculating capacitance value and magnetizing inductance value for smooth sustained voltage build up in an induction generator
248 Method for fabrication of microlens
249 Method for forming a drug carrier nanocomposite
250 Method for forming metal contact on a surface of a solar cell covered by an anti-reflective coating (ARC) layer
251 Method for improving particulate mixing and heat transfer in tumbling mixers and rotary kiln
252 Method for increasing the hydrophobicity of the paper
253 Method for producing lactic acid polymers of high crystallinity and molecular weight
254 Method for Sensing Carbon Monoxide Gas using Iron Porphyrin in Organic Field Effect Transistor as a Sensor
255 Method of capturing a full 360 degree view using panoramic imaging systems
256 Method of Fabrication Inverted Pyramid on Crystalline Silicon using Lithography Free Fabrication Technique
257 Method of fastening a plurality of structures
258 Method of simultaneously forming low resistance metal contacts on n and p-type semiconductors
259 Methods for characterizing high speed DAC multi level signals
260 Micro Deformation Device
261 Micronutrient supplement lipsalve
262 Micropump
263 Mn-Ni-Sn based full Heusler alloys for low temperature exchange bias applications
264 Modular Converter with an auxiliary wave shaping circuit
265 Modular femoral patient specific jig for total knee arthroplasty
266 Modular Knee joint implant for anthropometric anatomical variation
267 Multi utility vapour compressing system
268 Mumbai Suburban Railmap
269 N-alkylation of amino acids and its application in designer functional biopolymers
270 Nano Enabled Wound Dressing Composition And A Method For Its Preparation
271 New Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter
272 Next Generation Distributed Cellular Networks IP Architecture
273 Nickel (0) Catalyzed Kumada Chain Transfer Polycondensation
274 Nonvolatile floating gate analog memory cell
275 Novel 3,4-propylenedioxythiophene derivatives with pendant functional
276 Novel anticancer hydrazino derivatives of Curcumin and process for preparation thereof
277 Novel device to aid learning of fractions and mathematical operations
278 Novel ferrofluid preparation
279 Novel high-electron mobility transistor
280 Novel Homogeneous Nickel(II) Catalyst
281 Novel nano-actuator based curvature measurement system
282 Novel polymers of 3,4-propylenedioxythiophene derivatives with pendant functional groups
283 Novel strength enhancing insert assemblies
284 O-alkylation of bis-methyl propionic acid and its application
285 Opportunistic Channel Access Scheme for Cognitive Radio System Based on Residual White Space Distribution
286 Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzofurans and Coumarins from Phenols and Olefins
287 Paper fluidic device for regular monitoring of oral health
288 Parallel metal plated split U-shape Omnidirectional UWB Antenna
289 Parent selection algorithims to repair faults for TDMA basesd wireless sensor networks with tree overlays
290 Pharmaceutical composition for therapeutic or prophylactic treatment of bacterial infections and associated diseases
291 Pharmaceutically active formulation for healing bone fractures
292 Plasma treatment of PECVD deposited dielectrics for improving minority carrier lifetime in silicon
293 Polymer based drug delivery system
294 Polymer piezoresistive microcantilever CO sensor and method of making the same
295 Polynitration of Aromatics
296 Polysensors
297 Porous gas diffusion for fuel cell and related electrochemical applications
298 Portable lab-on-a-chip biosensor
299 Pretreatment Of Nuts With Microwave Energy To Prevent Infestation With Improvement In Storability Of Food Grains
300 Process And Temperature Tracking Bias Circuits For Realization Of Pt-Invariant Quantities In Analog Circuits