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IIT Bombay offers intellectual property available as patents / patent applications / Knowhow, based on its research and development efforts, for licensing to interested parties in various areas.

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Other Technologies

Sr no. Name of Technology Faculty
101 An apparatus to determine the lysimetric method for modelling radioactive contaminant transport in soil mass
102 An Appartus For Sensing Data
103 An EMI-Immune, Motion Artifact Compensated Analog Front End for Biomedical Signal Acquisition
104 An environment and user friendly and efficient method and formulation for cleaning cloths
105 An Improved Method For Machining A Metallic Object
106 An improved process for water treatment to remove Arsenic, Iron and Phosphate by zero valent Iron and a reactor therefore
107 An improved protective coating composition for hot dip galvanization of steel
108 An improved solar photovoltaic module
109 An Innovative Approach to Grow Large Area Continuous Monolayer MoS2 Film on c-face Sapphire by Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique
110 An Inpack semiconductor module and a method of manufacturing the same
111 An interface circuit between a sensor and a signal conditioning circuit
112 An Interoperable on-site processing and analysis platform for WSN
113 An on-line Diagnostic Method for Health Monitoring of a Transformer
114 An Optimum Emulator of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Wind Turbine
115 An unerring alignment & resection assembly guide
116 Anthracenyl terpyridine Cu(II) complex as anticancer agent
117 Antioxidative composite polysulfone hollow fiber membrane with enhanced biocompatibility and improved separation performance
118 Antiproliferative activity of dinuclear copper(i) complexes containing cyclodiphosphazane derivatives towards human cervical breast cancer cells
119 Apparatus and method for establishing soil water charactersitc curve and determining hydraulic conductivity of soils
120 Apparatus and method for measurement of flow rate of cerebrospinal fluid in a conduit
121 Apparatus and method for orthopedic surgery
122 Apparatus to measure polarization state of an incoming wave using orthogonal element array
123 Aqueous dispersible polymers of 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene and process for the preparation thereof
124 Aqueous formulation of water dispersible polymers of 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene and process for the preparation thereof
125 Architectural framework of communication network and a method of establishing QoS connection
126 Architecture specific maximum power estimation on a contoured layout of a solar powered LTAP
127 ARCquad
128 Asymmetric synthesis of γ-nitrophosphonates in the absence of any other chiral catalysts
129 Asymmetrical triple bridge converter based power electronic transformer
130 Benzimidazole appended triazole linked 1, 3-DI Conjugate of Calyx [4] arene
131 Biological treatment of aqueous effluents containing non aqueous phase liquid pollutants
132 Capacitively Coupled Current Mode Clock Distribution Network
133 Carbon based membrane used for desalination in water, dye degradation and solar concentrator
134 Chakva
135 Clays as cell openers in polyurethane foam
136 Closed Microchannel For Electrowetting On Dielectric Based Mircofluidics Using E-Beam Lithography
137 Closed Microchannel For Electrowetting On Dielectric Based Mircofluidics Using E-Beam Lithography
138 Cobalt Boride Catalysts Impregnated on Aluminium Phosphate for Hydrolysis of Metal Borohydrides
139 Colored thermal imaging using uncooled opto-thermo mechanical device without electronics or electrics
140 Colorimetric sensing of bisulphate ion (HSO3-) by calix[4]-conjugate protected Ag-nanoparticles
141 Communication system with novel bus shorting
142 Composition and Method of Generation of Hydrogen by Thermal Decomposition of Ammonia Borane (AB) using Silicon Nanoparticles as Catalyst
143 Conjoined lipid based multi compartment nanovesicles for drug delivery
144 Contacting device
145 Continuous Flow Process for the Transetherification of 3,4-Dimethoxythiophene
146 Contraction Vortex Flowmeter
147 Counter flow heat exchanger for a Joule-Thomson cryocooler
148 Cracking Characteristics of Fine-grained Soils Under Varied Environmental Conditions
149 Cricket Delivery Detection
150 Cryogen free superconducting transformer
151 Current density distribution mapping for fuel cell stack
152 Decarbonylation of Aldehydes
153 Design of a probe for measuring radiative heat flux of combustion systems
154 Determination of Crack VOlume in Fine-grained Soils
155 Device and method for advertising through video display system
156 Device and method for mitigating magnetic core saturation in a current transformer
157 Differential resistance to frequency converter
158 Direct Powdered Rice Husk Nano - Gasifier Cum Reactive - Chromatographic Reformer As A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Source
159 Distributed Fault Tolerance for WSNs with Routing Tree Overlays
160 Distributed oscillator for generating a high frequency microwave signal
161 Distributed oscillator for generating a high frequency third harmonic microwave signal having high power output
162 Double Block
163 Dry Sanitation System
164 Dual fuel compression ignition internal combustion engine system employing compressed natural gas and diesel and method of operating the same
165 Electrically stable conductive filler-SU8-glycidol polymer nanocomposite element having piezoresistive or piezoelectric properties and method for fabricating the same
166 Electrospun nano-composite bone regenerative material
167 Electrospun nano-composite bone regenerative material containing hardystonite
168 Encasements prepared with plastic water bottles
169 Energy Conversion System
170 Energy efficient regeneration process
171 Energy Storage Device With Dendrimer Functionalized Nanoparticles And Fabrication Method Thereof
172 Engineering particle size distributions for enhanced glass infiltration in porous ceramic preforms for dental crowns and bridges
173 Entitle system for assisting a user in getting up from a bed
174 Experimental Lab-scale Steam Generator Apparatus for Operational Controls Training and R&D
175 Fabrication of ceramic carbon composites with low specific resistance
176 Fe3O4 nanoparticles embedded ZnO assemblies
177 Fiber optic probe and a method for detection of nitro containing compounds by using the same
178 Flip-Flap (1)
179 Flip-Flap (2)
180 Flow distributor for Thermocline Storage Tank
181 Flow measuring device for high temperature fluids
182 Fluorescence detection of Zn2+ followed by inorganic and organic phosphates and DNA by a water soluble and biologically benign glycoconjugate
183 Fluorescent polysaccharide based pH responsive compositions and methods of preparation thereof
184 Flyer for a jute spinning machine
185 Foot Operated bottle Crusher
186 Freeze concentration system
187 Freeze Concentration System with Tubular Heat Exchanger
188 Frequency to digital sigma delta based frequency modulation/frequency shift keying (FM/FSK) receiver CMOS Integrated Transceiver Design
189 Frequency to Voltage Converter
190 Fuel Cell Stack Design
191 Functionalised bis homocubyl systems as novel ligands and catalysts in asymmetric reactions
192 Game Board set - Feel Fill Fit
193 Game Board set - Lumino Trapz
194 Game Board set - Magneteyez
195 Game Board set - Roll it Green
196 Game Board set - Wobble
197 Game set - Chuno Chunao
198 Game set - Cri-Tric
199 Game set - Delta Attack
200 Game set - Over the top