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IIT Bombay offers intellectual property available as patents / patent applications / Knowhow, based on its research and development efforts, for licensing to interested parties in various areas.

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Sr no. Name of Technology Faculty
1 Electrospun Nano-Composite Scaffold Based On Poly-L-Lactide-Co-Ε-Caprolactone, Gelatin And Nano-Hydroxyapatite
2 A method and a system for producing thermolabile nanoparticles with controlled properties and nanoparticles matrices made thereby
3 A method of making nanocarbon structures from cashew nut shell pyrolysis vapours
4 A method of preparation of ultra-small polymeric nanoparticle
5 A modified Grignard Metathesis (GRIM) polymerization process for synthesis of conjugated polymers
6 A zinc complex of triazole linked pyridyl-conjugate of calix[4]arene
7 Photonic devices by organo-metallic halides based perovkites material and its method of preparation
8 Self biased high efficiency fully differential RF rectifier
9 1,3-Di-naphthalimide conjugate of calix[4]arene as a fluorescence sensor for the recognition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their derivatives
10 3D nano-hydroxyapatite/gelatin/carboxymethyl chitin composite engineered with controllable viscoelastic properties for guided bone regeneration
11 3D nano-hydroxyapatite/gelatin/carboxymethyl chitin composite engineered with controllable viscoelastic properties for guided bone regeneration
12 3D Surgery Planning based on Conventional 2D X-ray images as input using Portable Computer Device
13 A biasing circuit for a PMOSFET resistor for compensating process, voltage and temperature (PVT) variations affecting the resistance of the PMOSFET resistor
14 A bidirectionally accessible mobile wireless communication system
15 A clinical electrodiagnostic digital instrument for electromyography (EMG) and/or nerve conduction measurement
16 A compact drive machine of a reciprocating machine
17 A composite structure of encapsulated core-shell nanoparticles and graphene and a method for production thereof
18 A condenser heat recovery based distilling process and apparatus
19 A constant long period vibration-protective pendulum isolator for structures
20 A cup test to determine the parameter indicating failure in forming of a sheet metal product
21 A current-source-fed single-power-stage grid connected PV system A Current Source Fed, Input Capacitor-Less Single Power Stage Grid Connected PV System
22 A device and method for automatically recreating a content preserving and compression efficient lecture video
23 A diagnostic method for determining deformations in a transformer or reactor winding
24 A dry method for surface modification of SU-8 for immobilization of biomolecules using a hotwire induced pyrolytic process
25 A exogenous protein free pulmonary surfactant composition for adult respiratory distress syndrome and a process for preparing the same
26 A facile and efficient synthesis of α-hydrazine-α, β-unsaturated nitroalkenes via Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction
27 A Fully Differential Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Antenna
28 A high power factor fuse protected phase controlled converter
29 A hybrid transmission system
30 A Low Cost Bi-Directional Grid Tied Pv Microinverter
31 A mechanical device for harvesting energy from a joint movement
32 A Mechanical Manipulator Arm
33 A method and a scanner for three dimensional focused laser beam spot scanning
34 A method and a system for producing thermolabile nanoparticles with controlled properties and nanoparticles matrices made thereby
35 A method and apparatus for synthesizing vesicles by interdiffusion of stationary phases
36 A method and system for providing a content adaptive and legibility retentive display of a lecture on a miniature video device
37 A method and system for suppressing noise in hearing aids and speech communication devices using noise estimationbased on dynamic quantile tracking
38 A method and system for velocity measurement of a fluid in a channel
39 A method for coating steel components with daimond by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and steel components obtained thereby
40 A method for synthesizing defect rich nanocrystals of variable size with enhanced defect luminescence
41 A method of depositing an amorphous-SiC:H barrier layer on a low dielectric material layer
42 A method of making a fluid separation material such as membrane of nanopore structure
43 A method of making aligned rope like nanocarbon structures with platelet like carbon units from cashew nut shell pyrolysis vapours
44 A Method of Processing Forging Oxide Scale Waste
45 A method of processing shopfloor metallic waste
46 A Method of Producing a Novel Electrically Conductive Geosynthetic
47 A method of treating a low k dielectric material
48 A Methodology to Determine Thermal Conductivity of Soils from Flux Measurement
49 A Methodology to Establish Drying-path Soil Water REtention Curve of Fine-grained Soils
50 A Methodology to Establish Zeolitization Potential of Fly Ash
51 A Methodology to Investigate Influence of Thermal Energy on Soil fabric
52 A methodology to Simulate Flow through Fractured Rockmass
53 A Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) sub-module structure for reducing switching losses
54 A nanocochleate-nanosphere complex
55 A nanoparticle exogenous protein free micronutrient added pulmonary surfactant composition for neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS) and a process for preparing the same
56 A new modular multilevel current source converter
57 A novel and inexpensive design for establishing flow rates in Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMBC) system
58 A novel approach to stabilize Fluvastatin drug with improved properties
59 A novel dual switching operation of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMBC) system for enhancing key component purity
60 A novel mechanical energy storage and release device
61 A novel method for design process using sheet metals
62 A novel method for multiple object tracking
63 A novel process for production of nanoparticles using subcritical carbon dioxide
64 A novel process for sterilizing of bio-materials using supercritical fluid
65 A novel process for the extraction of nutraceutical concentrate enriched with active ingredients using supercritical fluids
66 A Novel Process for the formation of polymeric thin films based on 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers via oxidative in-situ polymerization and the applications thereof in organic photovoltaics
67 A novel process for the four step protecting group free synthesis of (+)-Hagen’s gland lactones
68 A novel process for the three step protecting group free synthesis of (+)-cardiobutanolide
69 A novel process for transferring graphene oxide monolayer sheets on substrates
70 A Novel Process to get highly Conducting and Highly Transparent Thin Films and its Applications as Transparent Conductor
71 A Novel Robust Signaling Scheme for High-Speed Low-Power Communication over Long Wires
72 A Novel Scheme for Differentiating Uplink Bandwidth Request based on Connection Priority and Access Delay
73 A novel, compact and efficient tau-shaped microchannel for blood plasma separation
74 A nucleic acid construct for gene expression
75 A PEM Cell with Uniform Heating
76 A process for cyclic supercritical fluid (SCF) CO<sub>2</sub> extraction of fragrances (absolute or essential oils) from jasmine flowers
77 A process for preparing poly (3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene) derivatives
78 A process for selection of material specification for sheet metal products
79 A protein free surfactant composition for pulmonary diseases and a process for preparing the same
80 A segmented switched reluctance motor as hub drive for an electric vehicle
81 A signal processing method for consonant-vowel ratio modification for improving speech perception in communication devices and hearing aids
82 A simple method for the synthesis of biocompatible 3-pyrrolyl boron-dipyrromethenes
83 A solar cell having three dimensional junctions and a method of forming the same
84 A Sub-1V 32nA Process, Voltage and Temperature Invariant Voltage Reference Circuit
85 A system and method for electricity price forecasting
86 A system for correction of refractive errors without human intervention
87 A system for extracting water from air for drinking and cleaning purposes and a method thereof
88 A technique using GSM Voice Channel for Remote Monitoring in Solar Photovoltaic Systems
89 A thermogelling composite composition and a process for its preparation
90 A triaxial geocomposite testing apparatus for simultaneously calibrating multiple pressure transducers
91 A triazole based quinoline derivatized calix[4]arene conjugate of formula
92 A Triazole Linked Picolylimine conjugate of calyx[6]arene
93 A tunable distributed voltage controlled oscillator for generating high frequency microwave signals
94 A variable period vibration protective pendulum isolator for structures
95 A virtual reality system and method for providing synchronous tactile feedback for user interaction
96 Absorption module
97 AC current driven open-bridge configuration for measuring impedance variations of a sensor
98 Aluminum Silicide Schottky Diode For Methane Detection In Aqueous Environment By Spectroscopic Technique
99 Aluminum silicide schottky diode for outdoor methane detection in hostile environment by
100 An ambipolar two terminal selection device