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IIT Bombay engages in research, education, training, technology development and related activities in almost all areas of technological and scientific interest. Today the Institute is recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence in the country and on par with the best institutions in the world.

Preamble: Industry Partnership Scheme IIT Bombay is now looking beyond traditional R&D metrics of publications, patents, funding and is engaged in promoting research that makes a difference. To achieve this, the Institute recognizes the need to enhance engagements with industries & public sector organizations and develop sustainable long-term interactions with industry.

What are the benefits of industry interactions to IIT Bombay? 

  • New & Emerging areas are identified jointly
  • Real-life problems are addressed
  • Impactful quality of research
  • Facilities and infrastructure are built
  • The Institute's skill base is complemented
  • Curriculum of IIT-B is enriched with industry perspectives
  • Attract the best students to pursue careers in research

Why should the industry collaborate with IITB?

  • For knowledge creation, technology development & manpower development
  • To avail complementary skills and upgrade its capabilities
  • To access new technologies, infrastructure and resources
  • To pursue multidisciplinary approach
  • To leverage public funding
  • To avail First - Right - Commercialization of new technologie
  • To access qualified personnel for recruitment

Typical project life cycle

Consultancy Projects

  • Short term projects to solve specific problems of industry, lasting 1-2 years
  • Expected results at the end of the project are jointly defined at the beginning
  • Cost of a consultancy project usually depends on the nature of the problem to be solved
  • 'Routine testing' is not encouraged

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Long term projects for new knowledge generation in current, emerging and futuristic areas, lasting 2-5 years
  • Deliverables are more open than those in consultancy projects
  • A detailed project plan with budget to be submitted to and approved by the sponsoring industry

Sponsored Students

  • Industry may sponsor a student in a field of their interest
  • The sponsorship includes a stipend and a contingency grant
  • Publications arising out of work done by the student will acknowledge the support from Industry

Cost of sponsoring a student for the various programmes:


Monthly stipend (in Rs.)

Stipend per year (in Rs.) Duration (in years) Contingency Total Cost in Rs.
M. Tech. 8,000/- to 14,000/- 96,000/- to 1,68,000/- 2 70,000/- to 1,00,000/- 2,62,000/- to 4, 36,000/-
Ph. D. 18,000 to 30,000/- 2,16,000/- to 3,25,000/- 4 1,36,000/- to 60,000/- 10,00,000/- to 15,00,000/-

A new scheme is an Industry Award Scheme wherein the MHRD scholarship of a Ph.D. student may be augmented with an award from the industry.

Sponsored Research Labs / Facilities

  • Industry may sponsor a facility / lab in an area of interest to help build IITB infrastructure
  • Such facilities and labs will be shared with the sponsoring industry and may also be open to others on a case-to-case basis

Chair Professorships

  • Distinguished academic position in the Institute
  • Endowment costs Rs. 60 lakhs
  • Around 20 chairs have been established at IITB by industries and alumni

Precompetitive Consortia

  • Enables resource pooling for research in emerging areas
  • IITB has consortia with members from both industries and Govt. funding agencies
  • An industry / multiple industries may partner with IITB to set up a Consortium or join existing Consortia