Water Innovation Center: Technology, Research & Education


WICTRE is an initiative for synergized and collective effort of 4 academic institutes (IITB,IITH,NCL & PDPU) working together under the umbrella of a research and innovation centre at IIT Bombay for taking the research from lab/institute to the industries (TATA steel, ONGC and other interested MSMEs) and society through various routes. This can be achieved by following a pyramidal approach. With mapping at the apex followed by sensing and remediation to development of laboratory prototypes with commercial potential value as an input to the industry for providing solutions to the society. We envisage to cover all aspect of water related issues to be handled through this center. Our aim is to make this as a nodal center to address issues pertaining to water purification and desalination of Mumbai & nearby areas. This specific approach will not only help us in focusing/covering all the aspects of one ecological system but also in having better turn (in time & expertise) in solving minor hiccups while installing the prototypes.

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