Media coverage

Bacteria that can degrade pesticide linked to Bhopal Gas tragedy 31 Oct, 2019
Indian scientists prepare first urban flood forecasting 13 Oct, 2019
Bacterial strain from IIT-Bombay soil removes pesticide 15 Sep, 2019
Weather forecasting in times of extreme weather events 16 Jun, 2019
IIT Bombay fabricates wearable supercapacitor 18 May, 2019
Lightweight, Ergonomic Palanquins Developed By IIT Bombay To Be Used For Vaishn… 17 May, 2019
IITian's 'smartphone microscope' to detect fake-notes costs just Rs. 2 17 May, 2019
Demand for FRA implementation in the Sundarbans echoes in 2019 general elections 17 May, 2019
Making sense of air quality using sensors 11 May, 2019
IIT Bombay developers make the first India Microprocessor - AJIT 23 Apr, 2019
AJIT is a Microprocessor Made in India 23 Apr, 2019
Meet AJIT, 1st Entirely 'Made In India' Chip By IIT Bombay, And It Will Power O… 22 Apr, 2019
Engineers at IIT Bombay develop AJIT; microprocessor ‘Made in India’ 22 Apr, 2019
India's first indigenous processor developed at IIT Bombay. I am a designer AMA… 21 Apr, 2019
Report pitches for ‘urban-rural’ links, innovations to transform rural areas 10 Apr, 2019
Welcome AJIT, a ‘Made in India’ Microprocessor 22 Feb, 2019
IIT-Bombay study gives hope to resistant-TB patients 14 Feb, 2019
Nuclear researchers identify “critical deposition height” of DED 3D printed lay… 10 Oct, 2018
Nuclear technique helps validate theoretical model for optimised laser material… 08 Oct, 2018