A system for extracting water from air for drinking and cleaning purposes and a method thereof

A system for extraction of water from air includes a salt plate, a moisture absorption unit and a filter unit. The system further includes a storage unit. A method for extraction of water using the system includes placing the salt plate beneath the moisture absorption unit during a moisture absorption phase and placing the salt plate beneath the filter unit during a water extraction phase. The extracted water is stored in the storage unit for drinking and cleaning purposes. Further, a system for cleaning solar panels includes a moisture absorbing unit, a filter unit, a salt plate, a water storage unit, a solar panel, a wiper mechanism to receive water from the storage unit to clean the solar panel, and support elements to moveably support wiper mechanism.


  • Anil Kottantharayil, Chetan Singh Solanki, Mehul C. Raval, Jim Joseph John

Patent Application no.