A segmented switched reluctance motor as hub drive for an electric vehicle

Various embodiments of the present invention discloses a segmented switched reluctance motor as a hub drive for an electric vehicle, which comprises a segmented external rotor rotatably disposed over a cylindrical stator and adapted to be coupled to a driven part. The rotor comprises a plurality of discrete rotor segments made of a magnetic material and held together by a non-magnetic metal body. The stator is mounted on a stationary shaft and comprising a magnetic material body, wherein the stator comprises a plurality of alternately disposed thick and thin stator poles radially spaced apart around the circumference thereof and also comprise conductor coils wound around each thick stator pole to form a plurality of phase windings, and the rotor comprises an even number of rotor segments greater than the number of stator poles and non-multiple of the number of stator poles.

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  • Baylon G. Fernandes, Nikam Saurabh Prakash, Rallabandi Vandana Prabhakar

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