Sand 3D Printer (Sand3DP)

The Sand 3D Printing (Sand3DP) is Additive Manufacturing (AM) process that creates direct sand molds without the need for a pattern hence called "Pattern-less Casting." Sand 3DP (as shown in figure 1) rapidly and accurately creates sand molds directly from the 3D CAD data by selectively sintering the sand layer by layer using a CO2 laser. This process, combined with conventional sand casting, can be referred to as Rapid Sand Casting (RSC). RSC can be a one-stop solution for casting complex products in a shorter lead time.

Technical Data:
•    Effective Working Volume: 350mm x 400mm x 140mm
•    Layer Thickness: 0.2 - 0.4mm
•    Laser Type: 130W CO2
•    Scan Speed: Up to 1m/s
•    Software: In-house developed
•    Input File Format: NC file

Salient Features:
•    Innovative Spreading, Refilling & Recoating Method
•    Single Stage Heating instead of Three
•    A Novel Approach for Uniform Heat Distribution
•    Low Cost to Benefit Ratio

•    Foundry Industry
•    Sand Sculpturing
•    Rapid Prototyping