Resonant Pulse Based Exact Maximum Power Point Tracking of mismatched Modules in PV Strings using Current Equalization

The embodiments herein relate to a method and system for current equalization based distributed maximum power point extraction scheme using resonant pulse method, in solar modules as disclosed in the embodiments herein. A PV array comprising of plurality of PV modules feeds power into a capacitor through an electro mechanical relay. A flyback converter is used with each PV module. The flyback converter is modified by connecting a switch which could be held ON or held OFF to enable maximum power point extraction (MPPT). Each flyback converter operates in two modes such as resonant pulse MPPT mode and Flyback mode. During resonant pulse MPPT mode, the converter determines the exact MPP (maximum power point) voltage and during flyback mode, the converter regulates the exact PV module MPP voltage while providing the appropriate equalization current.


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  • Vivek Aggrawal, Pooja Sharma

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