O-alkylation of bis-methyl propionic acid and its application

It is well known that it is not possible to carry out O-alkylation (except methylation, benzylation, allylation and acetylation) in case of β,β-disubstituted hydroxy compounds due to steric constrains. In this invention we have developed a process to carry out the O-alkylation in case of β,β-disubstituted hydroxy compounds using various alkyl groups. This enables us to design and synthesize variety of functional compounds which then can be used for the syntheses of functional polymers.The invention relates to methods for the synthesis of O-alkylated functional monomers of formula I using β,β-disubstituted hydroxy compounds and functional polymers. Further the invention provides methods for synthesis of the polymers using the O-alkylated β,β-disubstituted hydroxy compounds.

Faculty Associated


  • Anil Kumar, Santimukul Santra, O U Prasana, Sreelekha, Jasmine\t

Patent Application no.

776 / MUM / 2006