Micronutrient supplement lipsalve

The present invention provides a nutri-cosmetic, particularly a lipsalve formulation for systemic and sustained delivery of micronutrients. The lipsalve formulation of the present invention apart from delivering micronutrients also hydrates and moisturizes chapped lips and leaves a shiny coat over the lips for a long time. The lipsalve formulation of the present invention provides lipid nanostructures incorporated in an emulsion base, where in the lipid nanoparticles are made up of lecithin and at least one fluidizing unsaturated fatty acid and co-encapsulates at least one micronutrient selected from the group consisting of iron as ferrous, ferric salts or elemental iron, folic acid, zinc or zinc salts, iodine, vitamin, mineral, manganese, cobalt or selenium. The present invention also provides a process for preparing the afore-mentioned lipsalve formulation



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  • Rinti Banerjee, Mudra Sureshkumar Rathod

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