Method and Apparatus for a Novel Hybrid Solar PV-Wind Integration System with Optimal Number of Power Converters and Inherent System Stability

A method and apparatus for a hybrid solar PV-wind integration system with optimal number of power converters is disclosed. The method uses one converter less compared to standard PV / wind system. A grid side power converter of DFIG is used to condition power of the PV source and to feed it into the grid. The PV source is protected with anti blocking 5 diodes and DC circuit breaker. The wind turbine is kept in running condition below wind cutoff speed using a small amount of PV power. The method allows the interfacing of a higher rating PV source than the grid side converter rating, by injecting part of the PV power into the rotor circuit during low 10 operating speeds. The circulating power during low wind speed in the conventional DFIM is significantly reduced in this hybrid combination which results in further enhancement in the overall system efficiency.

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  • Vivek Agarwal, Rupesh Ganpatrao Wandhare

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