An Improved Method For Machining A Metallic Object

The present disclosure discloses a method for machining a metallic object, the methodcomprising applying heat to a cutting zone to increase temperature of the cutting zone,wherein the cutting zone comprises a machining portion of the metallic object. Further a cooling medium may be supplied simultaneously to the metallic object and distal to the cutting zone, so as to reduce the temperature of at least another portion of the metallic object. The method may further comprise machining the metallic object by bringing a cutting tool and the metallic object to interact with each other at an intersection to perform removal of material from the metallic object. Simultaneously heat and coolingmedium may be applied to the cutting zone and the metallic object respectively.

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  • Asim Tewari, Shashikant Narayanrao Joshi, Suhas Sitaram Joshi

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