Apparatus and method for establishing soil water charactersitc curve and determining hydraulic conductivity of soils

The present invention discloses a method or establishing the soil water charactersitc curve (SWCC) and determining unsaturated hydraulic conductivity or rime--grained soils by ultra centrifugation and electrical measurements, An unsaturated state of the commercially available Kaolin (which is a non-swelling soil) L's developed by eentrifurinv, ii For prolonged periods, and to establish the SWCC. Further, unsaturated hydraulic conductivity (ku) of the Kaolin was determined by employing various Ill's available in the SoilVision database. The utility of electrical measurements for determining soil moisture content has distinct advantage or being non-destructive and non-invasive, It is observed that the lit' obtained From these relationships match extremely well for y<3000 kPa.

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  • D N Singh

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