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A Test Setup for Determining Frozen Soil Shear-strength (DetFroSS)
Rechargeable Metal Air Batteries
Method for balancing voltage in a hybrid modular multilevel converter (MMC)
Gel precipitation as scalable, inexpensive technique for synthesis of sub-micron mesoporous powders of mixed oxides and other ceramics for lithium ion battery applications
A two body zero-contoured lighter than air platform for Optimized solar power generation
A multilayer PCB and a method for current density measurement in a fuel cell | Prof P C Ghosh,Gaikwad Shrihari Dadarao,Tapobrata Dey and Debanand Singdeo
A hybrid perovskite material and a thermochromic photovoltaic cell utilizing the hybrid perovskite material
A T-Type NPC Based Flying capacitor/Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
Stacked Multi-cell NPC Multilevel Inverter
Selectively Modulated Aesthetic Reflector Technology (SMART)-Coatings for coloured aesthetic photovoltaic modules
Wind Augmentation and Air Purifying Unit
Perovskite solar cell including inorganic oxide electron transport material deposited on perovskite absorber layer
Photonic devices by organo-metallic halides based perovkites material and its method of preparation
Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnTe4 material via ball milling for solar PV applications
Oscillator based soil moisture measurement System
An Appartus For Sensing Data
Two-body solar powered Lighter-than-air platform for optimized solar power generation under dynamic conditions
An Interoperable on-site processing and analysis platform for WSN
Transformer-less grid connected inverter with two separate PV arrays while minimizing leakage current