Carbon nanotube-noble metal nanohybrid catalysed organic transformations


■   Metal nanoparticles of gold (Au), ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh) and palladium (Pd) supported by a carbon nanotube (CNT): supramolecular assembly are highly efficient heterogeneous catalysts for various organic reactions
■   Oxidation of alcohols, phenols, silanes, hydroxylamines and olefins, reductive amination and N-formylation of aldehydes,  reduction of N-oxides and nitroaromatics as well as coupling reactions have been successfully carried out with the above M      CNT catalyst
■   The above reactions work in most cases with low catalyst loading (< 1 mol%) in open air at room temperature
■   The catalyst is easily recoverable and recyclable upto five times
■   The M-CNT nanohybrids could be efficient catalysts in chemical/ pharmaceutical industry and catalytic converters in automobile industry
■   More than 20 publications have resulted from this work which was highlighted on the cover page of CEFIPRA Annual  Report