Antiparasitic activity of pyranonaphthoquinones and imidazoles


■ Pyranonaphthoquinones (PNQs) and imidazoles are highly bioactive compounds

■ PNQs have been synthesised through stereoselective organocatalytic reactions

■ Quinine-derived squaramide catalysed the asymmetric cascade reaction of hydroxynaphtho-quinone with α-acetoxymethylnitrostyrenes for the synthesis of PNQs

■ Functionalised imidazoles have been synthesised regioselectively from amidines and α-acetoxy/α-bromomethylnitrostyrenes

■ PNQs and imidazoles exhibited trypanocidal activity against Trypomastigote form of T. cruzi which causes Chagas disease

■ Several imidazole derivatives, in particular, have shown activity superior to that of the standard benznidazole

■ Quinone-based N-sulfonyl-1,2,3-triazoles exhibited potent anticancer activity with IC 50 values < 1.0 μM