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Micro system analyzer facility is for static and dynamic characterization of micro-components. It can be used for non contact measurement, analysis and visualization of structural vibrations (both in-plane and out-of-plane) and surface topography of microstructures.

Make and Model

Polytec, MSA 500 ppm

Available mode for use

  • In plane and out of plane vibration analysis of micro components like micro cantilevers, diaphragms and similar structural components etc.

  • Surface topography measurements


  • Surface metrology:

    • Envelope evaluation (for rough surfaces) or phase evaluation (even more accurate, for smooth surfaces)
    • Facilitates evaluation of certain portions of surface
    • Automation and customization of routine measurements
    • Data can be exported for CAD comparison and reverse engineering
  • Scanning laser doppler vibrometry and stroboscopic video microscopy:

    • Non contact, zero mass loading
    • Full-field vibration mapping and broadband, out of plane frequency response information in real time
    • Versatile vibration and geometry data import and export interfaces to validate FE models
    • Submicron-sized laser spot probes microstructures
    • Laser dimmer for optimized measurement conditions


  • Obtain surface profile, form and shapeinformation of the microstructure

  • Non contact measurement, analysis and visualization of 'in-plane' and 'out-of-plane' vibration response at resonance as well as transient states.

  • Amplitude and phase data for vibration response

  • Transient measurements

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

ldv[at] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


Suman Mashruwala Advanced Micro-Engineering Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076.

Phone Number   +91 22 2576 4534 / 4535

Contact Person   Mr.Rahul Singh

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Technical Specifications

Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry :

  • Frequency measurement capability - 100Hz to 24 MHz
  • Max. vibration peak velocity ±10 m/s
  • Max. displacement ±75 nm
  • Velocity resolution (rms) < 1µm/s
  • Displacement resolution < 1 pm/Hz
  • Up to 512 X 512 auto focused, user defined measurement points,
  • Transient measurements possible
  • Differential measurement mode possible.

Stroboscopic Video Microscopy :

  • Frequency measurement capability - 100Hz to 1 MHz
  • Max. velocity >0.1 m/s ... 10 m/s (magnification dependent)
  • Displacement resolution 1 nm
  • Time resolution 100 ns (strobe exposure time)
  • Differential measurement mode possible, Transient measurements possible

Surface Metrology :

  • Z-dynamic range 250 µm
  • Sub- nanometer resolution in out-of plane directions and sub-micrometer range in in-plane directions

Available microscope objectives :

For Vibration Measurement :

Magnification                      Field of View (mm x mm)

10X                                              0.90 x 0.67

20X                                              0.45 x 0.335

50X                                              0.134

For topography measurement :

Magnification                     Field of View (mm x mm)

10X                                              0.90 x 0.67                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Internal Signal Generator :

  • Generator o/p range ±10 V
  • Three active channels
  • Capability to generate wide range of waveforms including user defined waveforms

Probe Station :

  • Analytical probe station with manual X and Y stages and pneumatic Z stage
  • Scope movement XY - 50 X 50 mm
  • Universal vacuum surface for substrates diameter from 25 mm to 150 mm
  • Universal probe platen compatible with vacuum and magnetic probe head base
  • Four vacuum probe heads with movement range X: 8 mm, Y: 6 mm, Z: 25 mm, probe tip pressure adjustable contact


This facility is for static and dynamic characterization of micro-components (MEMS). This advanced measurement system integrates a microscope with scanning laser doppler vibrometer, stroboscopic video microscopy and scanning white light interferometer into a single instrument head. So all three can be done without really need to shift the component.

It can be used for non contact measurement, analysis and visualization of structural vibrations (both in-plane and out-of-plane) and surface topography of microstructures.

For details about the principle of working please visit : 



Central facility presentation
Date Presentation File Presentation by (Prof.) Department
05-12-2017 View Presentation660.45 KB Prof. P S Gandhi Mechanical Engineering
08-10-2015 View Presentation379.48 KB Prof. P S Gandhi Mechanical Engineering
01-03-2019 View Presentation603.54 KB Prof. P S Gandhi Mechanical Engineering
Instructions for sample preparation/submission


  • The sample surface to be analyzed should be at least partially reflective to get satisfactory results
  • The devices can have two possibilities: A. Built in excitation B. External excitation. In case A the signal generator in the MSA system can be used for giving excitation upto 10 v. Users are encouraged to prepare samples for option A preferably to have better results. In case B, a piezo actuator available in the lab can be used upto 10 MHz frequency. However amplitudes in this case would be very low.
  • Any query related to your analysis can be emailed to gandhi [at] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in


Instructions for Registration


  • At present this facility is available only to the internal IITB users.
  • Users should register online
  • Appointment will be given as per queue and user would be informed by e-mail.