National centre for Mathematics

Sixty mathematicians assembled for a workshop convened by Profs. C. S. Seshadri and M. S. Raghunathan, in October 2006 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore to discuss development of mathematical research, education and requirements of user agencies and industries. The workshop resulted in a document outlining a plan of action for major boost to mathematics education and research in India.

This report lists setting up of two institutes similar to the Mathematics Research Institute at Oberwolfach (Germany). Inspired by this proposal, a team of mathematicians form IIT Bombay and TIFR have proposed setting up a National Centre for Mathematics (NCM) in the picturesque surroundings of lakes and hills at the IIT Bombay.

The NCM is planned to be a major center for organizations, throughout the year, of short term courses, workshops, national and international conferences for researchers in mathematics and its applications. Its programmes will give a major boost to training researchers in all age groups in frontier areas of mathematics.

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