Consultancy Projects

Types of Projects

Anybody from Industry/ External Agency can contact the Institute to solve for almost any type of problem/need in almost every discipline subject of engineering, technology and science. The Institute through its faculty/ Scientist/ Technical Staff can handle such external requests of the industry/ agency that can come under the term consultancy in its broadest sense.

For illustration, a list of the Types of Consultancy services being offered is given below:

  • Analytical studies
  • Calibration Cause-and-remedy studies
  • Simulation/ modeling/ optimization
  • Design of systems/components/processes
  • Development of industrial products/systems
  • Development of systems software/application
  • software for offline/online applications.
  • Development of laboratories
  • Human Resource development programmes Recruitment/entrance examinations
  • Testing of industrial products/samples
  • Validation of designs/drawings
  • Retainership of faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods

Typical project life cycle

  1. Finding a faculty and discussing the problem and the possibility of taking up a project to solve it.
  2. Proposal from Dean R&D, specifying the scope of the project, deliverables, and time and funds required.
  3. Payment of first installment and signing of agreement (if required).
  4. Recruitment of project staff and purchase of equipment (if required).
  5. Review of progress at predetermined milestones, and course corrections.
  6. Handing over the final project report and transfer of deliverables.
  7. Closure

Initiating a project

You can initiate a project in two ways.

  1. Send a description of the problem to dean [dot] rnd [dot] office [at] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in or contact us by telephone.
  2. Identify a faculty who could help you, by using the searches provided under "Finding faculty".
    Get contact details of the faculty from the web pages of the respective Academic Units / Centers and contact the faculty to discuss the problem.

STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS applicable for all Projects

  1. DECLARATION: All work undertaken by IIT Bombay as part of the project will be in good faith and based on material / data / other relevant information given by the Client requesting for the work.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY: Due care will be taken by IIT Bombay to maintain confidentiality and discretion regarding confidential information receiOpenOpenved from the Client, including but not limited to results, reports and identity of the client.
  3. REPORTS: Any test or other consultancy report given by IIT Bombay will be based on work performed according to available standards and / or open domain literature. In any event, this report may not be construed as a legal document, certificate or endorsement and may not be used for marketing of the products or processes, without prior consent from IIT Bombay. The institute reserves the right to retain one copy of the report and use the results of the project for its internal teaching and research purposes.
  4. WORK PERFORMANCE: Every effort will be made to complete the specified work according to the planned time schedule. However, IIT Bombay will not be held responsible for delays caused beyond its reasonable control.
  5. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: IIT Bombay may take up work for other clients also in the same area, provided, to the best of the institute?s knowledge, there is no conflict of interest in undertaking such projects.
  6. PAYMENT: The payment of consultation charges to IIT Bombay are to be made in advance and in full before the start of the project, through a demand draft / crossed valid cheque, drawn in favour of The Registrar, IIT Bombay and sent to the Consultant or the address overleaf. The charges will also include any applicable tax as prescribed by the Government of India from time to time.
  7. TERMINATION: The project work may be terminated by either party by giving the other party a notice period of 30 days. However, both parties will meet any residual obligations in connection with the project.
  8. LIABILITY: IIT Bombay shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, delay or failure of performance, resulting directly or indirectly from any cause, which is beyond its reasonable control (Force Majeure). The liability of IIT Bombay shall be limited to the funds received for the project.
  9. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: All rights pertaining to any intellectual property generated / created / invented in the due course of the project, will be the joint property of IIT Bombay and the Client. Terms and conditions regarding transferring / assigning / selling these rights to the client shall be governed by a separate written and agreed to document if required.
  10. RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: Any disputes arising out of the project shall be amicably settled by both the organizations. Any unsettled disputes may be subject to resolution as per the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.
  11. DISCLAIMER:The report on the consultancy project is the technical opinion of the individual faculty member, based on his expertise in the particular area of research and NOT the views of IIT Bombay.

The above terms and conditions will apply to all projects taken up by IIT Bombay, unless otherwise mutually agreed to in a separate document.

Bank details for remittance of funds to IIT Bombay

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