Annexure 4 - Role of Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre

IRCC at IIT Bombay provides guidance, support and resources to all IITB personnel and facilitates protection and deployment of intellectual property. In achieving this goal, IRCC creates awareness about the importance and role of IP Rights, implements the IP policy, ensures transparency and fairness of implementation processes, solicits feedback regarding the fulfilment of the IP policy and periodically reviews the Policy to improve upon any shortcomings, strengthens the infrastructure and resources for protection and exploitation of IP and makes available expert inputs.

Issues of ownership, confidentiality, disclosure, patentability, technology transfer, revenue sharing, and conflict of interest among others play a very important role in any IP management and workshops / meetings are conducted by the Institute to enhance awareness on related issues. IRCC also provides templates and guidelines for the contracts, agreements and MOUs governing the effective exploitation of the IP produced by IITB. All such agreements and matters relating to confidentiality, infringements, damages, liabilities and compliance are administered by IRCC.