Annexure 1 - Defining parties concerned and significant usage

In addition to faculty and staff (including project staff), the provisions of the Institute's IP policy will extend to all students, research scholars and postdoctoral fellows, non-employees who participate or intend to participate in research projects at IITB (including visiting faculty, industry personnel, visiting students, fellows, etc.) either in a direct or indirect relationship with IITB or through any related activity.

Use of library facilities, internet connectivity, and occasional use of office equipment and office staff will not be considered "significant use" of Institute facilities and equipment. In addition, the following are accepted as no significant usage of Institute resources:

  1. The inventor does not use any Institute provided funds or Institute administered funds in connection with the activity resulting in generation of IP.
  2. Prior disclosure by the inventors of any intellectual property that closely resembles a specific research project at the Institute, together with an explanation that such intellectual property did not arise through use of Institute resources.

The Institute requires the individual to provide supporting documentation towards the claim of no significant use of the Institute resources and reserves the right to grant appropriate waivers. It is to be noted that in the event of further development or modifications to an earlier individual work by making significant use of IITB facilities, resources and related funding, IITB may assert further rights in accordance with its IP policies.

Access to facilities for external registered students is limited to their related research and is bound by the IP policy of IITB.